Terschelling an island to live there and work, an island for recreation and rest, or to actively spend your time. Terschelling inspires, everytime, every season, every month, every day and it is always different. The island as the setting for landscape photography. The light, the sky, the clouds, dark nights, fresh air, the quietness and the landscapes themselves. The large differences in landscapes on a small island about 150 km².

An island with, on the one hand, the Wadden Sea, declared World Heritage, subject to ebb and flow with structures, reflection, sunrises and beautiful skies. A food area for many, many birds. On the other hand, the North Sea. Coastal strip with a wide Beach, sometimes ferocious branding, sunsets, beautiful clouds and the reflection thereof on the beach.

  • An island with dune areas with valleys and lakes. Rich in vegetation of General and rare plants. Moors and sand drifts.
  •  Forest areas with pine, spruce and deciduous trees. In the spring and autumn that delivers the most beautiful images.
  •  Polder area, a paradise for the meadow birds, geese and ducks and birds of the open area to breed, foraging or to Hibernate.
  •  The Boschplaat, declared European Nature Reserve. An open and rugged nature reserve where nature should go its course, aided by human control to select the desired image thereof.

Terschelling, a source of inspiration and a paradise for the nature and landscape photographer. A paradise for wildlife concerns; Many species of birds, deer, hares, rabbits and seals.

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